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Q: What are our aims?​

A: ​Kids N' Action aims to improve the lives of kids, who, through no fault of their own, are disadvantaged. They are poor, they live in overcrowded housing, they could come from dysfunctional families, they might have illness or disability in their family, either physical or mental, or other disadvantages. In short, they need some sunshine in their lives.  ​
Q: Who do we help?

A: We provide lots of activities to inner-city kids from BME communities in Hackney and Haringey in London. Without our programmes, they would have nothing to do and nowhere to do it when they are off school. We run an integrated programme with children with disabilities alongside children without. The ages of our users range from 0 till 19 years, and last year2, we had a total of 3000 children and young people attending our different projects.
Q: Where are we?

A: All our activities are based on the BCL campus, an OFSTED registered school on the Woodberry Down Estate, Hackney London N4. The campus includes a large playground and purpose built class and activity rooms, with full wheelchair access and disabled facilities.
Q:What have we achieved?

A: Since our small beginning in 2003, when we ran a summer holiday project for 60 disadvantaged children, we have been able to help 7000 children & young people.


  • They have learnt new skills which they have since developed into life interests and activities for their leisure time.
  • They have had new experiences which have broadened their horizons and allowed them to find out about the rich and varied world around them.
  • They have improved their social skills and made lots of new friends; they have improved their maths, music, IT, art & sewing levels of achievement, resulting  in better school performance, and improved future prospects, both for training and employment.
  • Our volunteers have benefited from career development opportunities in the field of youth work & leadership skills.   
  • Our users have developed an awareness and understanding of healthy living, including diet, lifestyle and lots of exercise opportunities.
Q:​What are our plans for the future?

A: As well as consolidating and improving our current activities, we have plans to develop a more comprehensive after school club.
At present, it runs on 4 evenings a week for 250 young people aged 11-16. Our aim is to expand the age range downwards for 3-10 year olds. This will help them as well as their families to spend some after school hours in productive and fulfilling activities, further advancing our vision of improving the lives of disadvantaged young people.
We look forward to engaging all our stakeholders in this new venture, as well as in consolidating and expanding our currently running projects to fill the ever growing desperate need.
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