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Music Club

Sixty five 14-16 year olds are learning to read and play music, leading to an ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) qualification at different levels. Their latent musical talent and creativity are being nurtured, giving them the potential to develop their music careers. Thank you again to the Hackney Youth Tender for being our partner in this exciting innovative project.


Thank you to the Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund for their support in enabling us to recruit 12 new users to study music till level 1-3 in ABRSM, and also providing the resources for another 12 young people to further advance their music studies to level 4-8.

A recent new activity has been a music concert at which 28 of our students displayed their newly won music accomplishment, providing an evening of singing and instrument playing for an appreciative audience of 300 parents/carers and friends. It was a resounding success, and we plan to repeat it annually.

Our Our library club offers an all immersive experience. The library is open from 3:30 pm daily and provides a safe and sound environment for children and young people to spend positive time in.

The initiative encourages reading and learning by providing access to a wide range of reading material. Children of all ages are faced by an extensive choice of publications across all genre types. Some come to have a relaxing read; others to do research for their latest school assignment.  


It is a wonderful learning resource. The vast collection and choice expands the children’s horizons and also develops their creativity and imagination. Come along and have a read! 

Library Club
Holiday Play Scheme

We run highly successful holiday play schemes in the major school holidays. Starting in 2003 with  60 children, we now have the capacity for over 440 disadvantaged children; Some with Special Educational Needs and disabled, some severely disabled, and many with behavior, learning and social difficulties, and as well as those excluded from mainstream activities because of financial need.
Our target group is low income families, living in overcrowded conditions, who have no access to safe outdoor play areas. We integrate the disabled and SEN children with mainstream children, and provide a fun-filled full-day programme of activities and outings that are both educational  and recreational.

All our projects are run with a team of qualified, DBS checked teachers, and youth workers, and between 45 and 60 young volunteers, who are themselves from disadvantaged backgrounds. They benefit from the project in areas such as developing their leadership, social and communication skills, and gaining work experience.  



Our before and after school club is flourishing, as a result of a grant from Hackney Community Partnership. We asked our users what activities they wanted to do; they came up with lots of different ideas; unfortunately we only had enough money to run our very popular keep fit aerobics sessions for half an hour in the mornings before school begins. 50 girls brave the elements each day, and are dedicated to become fitter and healthier, with the encouragements of their qualified, accredited and popular trainer. we hope to find new sources of funding when the Hackney Community grant comes to an end; failing that, we will have two stark alternatives, either to close the project, or to charge a fee; something we will be very reluctant to o, as we know that our users do not have the money for this, given their low income and many of them relying on means tested benefits to survive. 


After school netball sessions take place daily, funded by the Sports England Activities Fund consortium, led by interlink. 

This is a three year programme, so funding is secure for the moment. The netball is very popular, with the girls not missing a session. They are improving their skills as well as their health and fitness. 

Before and After School Club
Netball Club

Enhanced hand- eye coordination, building muscle strength, improving the body’s flexibility and burning calories are just a few of the many advantages that our weekly  netball sessions provide for our users.


We have successfully received funding from the Consortium bid for our Netball classes and we continue to receive lots of positive feedback from our users.

The young people eagerly anticipate this exciting yet informative fun and sports outlet and it gives us much pleasure to enable the young people to keep fit in an enjoyable friendly user way.

Fun maths SATS club

Through our successful after-school maths enrichment club, which we provide biweekly to target students in year 6, Kids N' Action aims to:

* Develop and teach mathematical skills leading to a level 6 in SATS.

* Increase students' enjoyment in learning and using mathematics.

* Raise students' appreciation of the diversity of mathematics and its   applications. 


Mathematics is an important part of everyone's life. All individuals require basic mathematical knowledge and skills in their daily lives. For those with a natural mathematical ability, stimulation and challenge will drive them to pursue higher levels of mathematical knowledge and skills that they will need in their future endeavors.

Kids N' Action Math Club believes that everyone can enjoy and appreciate mathematics.

Enjoyment and appreciation of mathematics is a pre-requisite for the motivation and stimulation needed by any individual to pursue mathematics education to the highest level that they can achieve. Through the innovative lessons designed around non-traditional mathematics topics, Mrs Mandel, our maths teacher, enhances mathematics after-school hours and motivates the students to pursue their mathematics education to the highest limits of their natural abilities.       

I.T. Club

We provide a course of basic computer classes for young disadvantaged people between the ages of 14-16 years allowing them to attain vital IT knowledge that they are sorely lacking. We teach them basics such as word and excel thereby leading to an AQA accreditation.

These IT courses are designed to bring out the best in these young people and teach them IT skills which will be of great advantage for them in the future, leading to increased opportunities therefore breaking the cycle of unemployment.

Our main goal is breaking down the children’s psychological barriers to using computer equipment and allow them to use computers safely with care. We offer them the realisation of the importance of computer skills in life by teaching them the basic skills so that this can higher their chances of employment for the future.

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